IIS will present the “Schooltube” report later today, a study that investigates how streaming video is used in education. The main finding is that Youtube and similar services are used less in the school world than in the society as a whole. The reason? Supposedly, a general lack of knowledge – so much for school.

Interestingly, in relation to Attributler, the survey confirms that issues regarding online source criticism are pivotal and that many people are uncertain as to what exactly applies in terms of intellectual property rights and copyright law. Some people avoid sharing entirely due to a fearing of doing so incorrectly, while others admit that they allow students to use copyright material despite preferably avoiding the scenario altogether.

The report is based on a survey including more than 900 responses from teachers. In addition, specific target groups holding various school roles, including everything from principals to students and those studying to become teachers, participated in discussions and focus groups. Expert interviews were also conducted with Swedish and foreign professionals.

The Schooltube study was initiated by Björn Flintberg and the report was financed by .SE’s Internet Fund. You can download the entire report here [Swedish, 564 kB] or read the press release at IIS.